I am a multidisciplinary designer, artist, researcher, and writer. My work lives in the physical and digital realms, and the spaces in-between. Right now, my day-to-day is building a more beautiful, useful internet with Google.

Each day we meet with the opportunity for profound change through our interactions with our environments, fellow humans, or the technology entwined in our daily lives. I am especially fascinated with the power inherent in these moments and strive to highlight the un-observed, to delight, and to help us all to pause and see the world a little differently.

Once a theater artist and classical singer, the way I work and move through the world has been informed by a study of and fascination with human communication in all its multi-sensory forms. As a maker, I strive to employ lessons learned in curiosity, perseverance, improvisation, collaboration, and courage.

A graduate of Parsons School of Design and the MFA Interaction Design program at the School of Visual Arts in New York, I recently completed my thesis in the space of haptics and music therapy.

I often return to my homeland of California to breathe in the salty air of its cliff-lined, northern beaches.

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Frank Chimero, Jessica Svedsen, Andrew Herzog, Liz Danzico, Pedro Sanches, Brian House, Burton Rast, Ritik Dholakia & Khoi Uong, Tea Uglow, Liz Jackson