b. 1986, HK.


Rachel Balma


Rachel Balma is an interaction designer, researcher, and writer who uses storytelling and behavior as mediums to create meaningful, innovative experiences.

All her life, she has been fascinated by human communication in all its forms — emotional, physical, verbal and visual. Her pursuit of these interests has led her through work experiences in the United Nations, higher education, and the fine and performing arts. Ultimately, she developed a passion for Interaction Design, a discipline into which she is thrilled to be delving more deeply during her graduate study.

Even in formidable circumstances, we are offered the opportunity for profound change through our interactions with our environments, fellow humans, or the technology entwined in our daily lives. Rachel is especially fascinated with the power inherent in these moments and plans to spend her time working to improve the lives and experiences of others, especially the most vulnerable in our society.

A recent graduate of Parsons School of Design and presently a MFA Interaction Design candidate at the School of Visual Arts in New York, Rachel often returns to her homeland of California to breathe in the salty air of its cliff-lined, northern beaches.